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We see ourselves as your partner for all your financial planning issues. We develop a tailor-made financial plan that is based on your requirements. The following points indicate some of the areas in which we can assist you.

Financial security

It is important to consider your pension needs at an early stage in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Our advisers will prepare the optimum solution for your financial security.

We offer advice in all areas of pension accumulation and pension drawdown planning.

Our firm has FCA permissions to advise Defined Benefit Transfers. The FCA has made it very clear that opting out of, or transferring from, a Defined Benefit pension scheme is, in most cases, not to be recommended. However, there are occasions and situations where a transfer is advisable and, following carefully all the FCA rules, we can offer excellent advice in this contentious area of financial planning.



Property Financing

Are you planning to buy your first home or move up the property ladder? We can help you plan successfully to achieve your goals.

Are you retired and wanting extra cash for improving your lifestyle? You might want to consider an Equity Release mortgage. Here, at Estate and Property, we have FCA permission to advise on Equity Release mortgages.



We can develop an individual investment strategy for you: shares, funds or life assurance, allowing you to benefit from our expertise in managing asset investment.

We are directly regulated by the FCA and we offer a Chartered Financial Planner investment advice service. There are no restrictions regarding the financial instruments we can advise on. We are truly INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS



It is very important to think about what would happen if you were no longer able to provide for your family due to death, illness or unemployment. Planning now for such events will mean your family do not need to suffer financially should something happen to you.

Most people realise the need to have home and travel insurance protection, but when it comes to life and critical illness insurance, we find the people are often under-insured. We can help.

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